Introduction to Medicare Supplement Plans and Medigap Insurance Plans
Learn About Medicare Supplemental and Choose the Plan that’s Right For You!

Why is it so hard to find a website that concentrates on Medicare supplements for multiple States and provides quotes? Unlike most companies, we concentrate on Medicare Supplement and Medigap insurance. We adhere to the belief that in the ever-changing world of insurance, focusing on one area and a few solid companies is the best path for everyone.  The Medicare supplement market is changing all the time and will likely continue to with the pressures facing Medicare financing.  We really want to stay on top of these changes and act as an advocate to those shopping for Medigap coverage so that they have the complete and up-to-date story.

Concentrating on Medicare Supplements for years, our company has developed a reputation for explaining the various plans out there in a simple, direct, and honest way.  Medicare is generally a brand new world to most people turning 65 or becoming Medicare eligible since they're coming off of group health insurance or their own individual/family insurance.  There are many things to look about Medicare itself not to mention the new world of Medicare Supplemental insurance plans.  We try to break this down for you in two pieces.

First, we want to give you the resources to understand what makes up traditional Medicare.  That is Part A and Part B through Medicare with no other insurance supplementing these core benefits.  This really is the first step to gaining a solid understanding of the options available to you.  At this point, we can comfortably go into the actual Medicare Supplement plans to see how they work with traditional Medicare to fill in the "gaps" of coverage inherent in the main program.  That's our goal.  That's what we're all about.  We want to provide you as much information in a clear and concise fashion so that you can send a little time on our site and come away with a pretty good understanding of how the how whole process works.  It's probably best to start at our Medicare supplement insurance Learning Center before you request a Medigap quote from us.  You'll know what questions to ask and more importantly, you'll understand the answers coming back to you.  We can really help you see that's it not that tough after all once someone (hopefully us if we do our job right) has explained well.  That's our goal day in and day out. 

It is not to our advantage for a person to have a plan that they don't understand and that will not provide them the protection they want. We educate. We explain and that is our value. The rates and plans are identical...whether you buy it directly from the carrier, from your local agent, or through us.  If we can help you in any way, please let us know as we're always just phone call or email away.

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