Application Center for Medicare Supplement

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We have licensed professionals here to help you understand your Medicare Supplement options. Please feel free to email, or call us. We want to make it easy to communicate with us in a way that is convenient and comfortable for you. For most people, Medicare is very new and different. It usually helps a person to walk through their questions a live person before making a decision on which Medicare Supplement insurance plan is right for them. You can also check out our section Understanding how Medigap and Medicare Supplements work to get a good basic grasp of your options. We then help fill in the missing pieces so that you can choose a Medigap plan with confidence. There is no cost for service...the rates through are service are the lowest available.

When to Submit your Medicare Supplement Application?

In order to apply for a Medicare Supplement plan, you need to have your Part A and Part B in effect with Medicare. We advise contacting your local Social Security office 2-3 months prior to when you become eligible (two main triggers are turning age 65 and/or leaving Group insurance). You just want to double-check that you are showing in the system. Part A is the part you have paid into all your life. Part B requires an additional monthly premium. Once your have your Medicare ID# and effective date, we can submit the Medicare supplement application to the carrier.

Ideally, we want to submit the Medicare Supplement application 30-45 days prior to your requested effective date.

You can request your application here. Instructions will be attached to the application when you receive it.

We are independent Medicare Supplement agents ...we can represent many companies out there. We choose the Blues because they will be stable as an ongoing carrier. This is critical.

So give us a chance. We welcome your questions and we would be happy to go through the various options out there in the Medicare Supplemental insurance market. How can we help?